Play Your Google Music Library With Any Music Player Thanks To Cloud Music Sniper

Google Music is definitely an amazing service, however, many users prefer to play their stored music via another music app such as PowerAmp. Unfortunately, the music you have stored in Google Music is only accessible to the official Google Music app — or at least that was the case until now.

Cloud Music Sniper is an app that will grab the music you have downloaded from Google Music for offline playback and create a copy of it in a separate folder accessible to any music player. Streaming is still limited to the Google Music app but at least you can now purchase a track via Google Music, make it available offline, and then play it through your favorite music player — even if that music player isn’t Google’s.

Of course you could always wait until you’ve had the chance to transfer your purchase from your desktop to your phone and avoid purchasing an app like Cloud Music Sniper, but if you fancy having the convenience of grabbing your Google Music content while on-the-go, then it just may be worth the $1.99 being charged for the app. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, we recommend visiting the Android Market to learn more.

Android Market Link | Cloud Music Sniper