Watch The LG G Flex Heal Itself After Being Slashed [Video]


We’ve already seen the LG G Flex flexing, but did you know that it could heal itself, too? The handset’s back has a special coating that will happily take scratches and scuffs and then slowly make them disappear. Check it out in the video below.

The video comes from YouTube gadget guru Marques Brownlee, who runs the awesome channel MKBHD. Brownlee shows off the G Flex’s self-healing technology by scratching it with keys, and even a sharp knife blade. Watch how the damage sustained vanished almost completely over a fairly short period of time.

As Brownlee mentions, the self-healing technology isn’t perfect — bad scratches may never go away completely — but nevertheless, it’s still very impressive. And of course, it’s still a huge improvement over smartphones that don’t have this kind of feature.

It’s worth noting, however, that only the G Flex’s back panel has this technology, so if you happen to scratch its display, that’s never going away. If you end up getting one, then, you may still want to buy a case to go with it.