Nexus 5 Stock Arrives At Carphone Warehouse Ahead Of Possible Announcement Today


Just this morning we reported that Nexus 5 handsets had already been unboxed by users all over the globe — despite the fact that Google hasn’t even unveiled it yet. That’s because stock is now making its way to retailers, and according to one source at Carphone Warehouse in the U.K., Google’s big announcement could come today.

The picture above was taken by a Carphone Warehouse employee and published by Pocket-lint.

“Our trusted source says that quantities of the phone are now in at least one storeroom in the country, providing pictures of the packaging as proof,” the site reports. “It is the same source that has been right many times in the past, so we have no reason to doubt the validity of the information.”

The source also claims that the long-awaited Nexus 5 announcement could happen today, October 31, which is something we’ve heard from a number of reports in recent weeks. If that’s the case, it’s likely Google won’t hold a press event to announce the device, but rather just issue a press release and put the device up for sale in Google Play.

That wouldn’t be the first time this has happened; there was no event for the Nexus 4. But that was simple because it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, so we still expected one for the Nexus 5.

However Google decides to launch the device, we just hope it happens soon. I think we’re all pretty done with waiting now.