Samsung Has Shipped 5 Million Galaxy Note 3 Units In Just One Month


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has received plenty of praise since making its debut last month, and like all of Samsung’s flagship devices, it looks like it’s selling incredibly well. Samsung CEO JK Shin has this week revealed that the company has already shipped 5 million devices in just one month.

Shipments aren’t the same as sales, of course, so that doesn’t mean Samsung has sold 5 million units — but that’s how many have been sent to retailers, carriers, and other distribution channels. You can bet that they’ll all be sold sooner rather than later, though.

The original Galaxy Note, which was mocked by many for its large 5.3-inch display, turned out to be a big success for Samsung, with 10 million units sold in under a year. The Galaxy Note II was even more successful, selling around 30 million units in a year, and we expect the Galaxy Note 3 to be even bigger.

The new device sports a faux leather back that is seen as a big improvement over Samsung’s traditional slimy plastic, as well as a new form factor with thinner bezels, and a much-improved S Pen stylus.