Will Google Sell A 4G Nexus 4 Alongside The Nexus 5?


We can’t wait for Google to unveil its new Nexus 5 (I’m getting pretty impatient now, actually), but it may not be the end of the current Nexus 4. While the search giant hasn’t offered the device for a number of weeks, there a number of indications that it might be coming back — with 4G LTE onboard.

I’ve been wondering why, when you look at the Nexus 4 on the Google Play store, it no longer says out of stock but “coming soon” instead. I assumed that maybe Google had done changed it to stop consumers from asking when it might be available again, or maybe to hide the impending Nexus 5 announcements. But then a new Nexus was certified by the Bluetooth SIG.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 16.31.20

The handset that received the certification was actually called the LG E960, Engadget reports, but that’s the codename for the Nexus 4, which of course is made by LG. But this model isn’t quite the same as the last one, because it has proper 4G LTE connectivity — something the original Nexus 4 didn’t have.

Now it seems as though Google may be planning to sell this device alongside the new Nexus 5 — maybe as a cheaper alternative. Recent reports have claimed that the Nexus 5 will sell for around $349 off contract, and while that’s still very reasonable for a high-end smartphone, having a $199 Nexus 4 alongside it would give Google a chance to reach an even greater number of customers.

Hopefully, we’ll finally here something official from Google soon. As soon as we know when the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat will be unveiled, we’ll be sure to let you know.