SwiftKey For Android Is Half Price For One Day Only


If you’re yet to upgrade your Android keyboard to SwiftKey, then now’s the perfect time, because it’s half price for one day only. The discount commemorates the first Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1, which was launched five years ago today on October 22, 2008.

SwiftKey is widely regarded as the best third-party keyboards for Android, promising to make touchscreen typing easier and faster. It learns as you type and predicts your next word before you’ve even begun typing it, and you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and more to help SwiftKey learn your writing style.


SwiftKey also connects to SwiftKey Cloud and syncs your “personal language insights” across all of your Android devices, and everything is backed up — so if you happen to lose your smartphone, you won’t lose all the data you’ve built up with SwiftKey.

I can’t recommend SwiftKey enough — especially at just $1.99. Don’t forget, though, this is a one-day deal, so go get it now from Google Play.