Google To Unveil ‘Cooler’ Google Glass Design Ahead Of Public Release


Google Glass may look pretty absurd in its current form, but its still a first-generation device that’s only available in a limited capacity to developers and a handful of lucky early adopters. But by the time the device is ready for public release in 2014, it will sport a new, lightweight and “cooler” design.

In fact, Google is putting a lot of time and effort into overhauling the device before it goes on sale. According to Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen, head of the company’s X Labs division, the Google Glass team is “maybe sleeping three hours a night to bring the technology forward.”

“If we use the automobile analogy, we believe this would be the Model T,” Jepsen told MIT Technology Review. “It’s lightweight, it’s comfortable, it’s cool.”

“You become addicted to the speed of it, and it lets you do more – fast and easily.”

Google Glass would surely be a hit without a new look. It may not be the prettiest wearable there is, but it’s by far the most advanced. Making it a little prettier certainly wouldn’t be a waste of time, though, and it’s probably needed if Google wants the average Joe to take any interest in its new technology.