Nexus 5’s New Camera May Let You Refocus Images After They’ve Been Taken


We know Google is working on something special when it comes to the Nexus 5’s camera technology — the leaked images of its massive lens are proof of that. But what exactly can we expect from the upcoming device?

Well, according to data discovered in leaked Nexus 5 log files, it will boast an incredibly impressive “MEMS” (microelectromechanical) camera that allows you to refocus your images after they’ve been taken.How many time have you taken a quick photo on your smartphone, then found when you look at it later on that the focus isn’t on your subject? It’s frustrating, and it can ruin a decent picture. But that may not be a problem with the Nexus 5. AndroidBeat reports that the device will feature the IMX179 camera from Digital Optics that offers post-capture refocusing.

Here’s how it works: When you snap a photo with the IMX179, you don’t just get one image, but a whole series of them — each of which is focused on a different subject. You only see one of them, but when you tap on different parts of the image, it instantly refocuses itself.

Check out the video below that demonstrates the IMX179 in action:

Impressive, isn’t it? Unfortunately, though, there are some downsides to this camera. The IMX179 has an f/2.4 aperture, which means low light performance will be poor. Unlike most high-end smartphone cameras, it isn’t backside illuminated, either, which will makes the low-light situation even worse.

While it may be an incredible camera in decent light, then, the Nexus 5’s shooter may be poor in dimly lit environments. Having said that, the leaked images suggest it will have a pretty large LED flash, so that may help. We won’t judge it until we’ve seen the camera in action anyway.