Google Hangouts Bug Causing Messages To Be Delivered To The Wrong Recipients


A somewhat concerning bug affecting a large number of Google Hangouts and Google Talk users is causing messages to be delivered to the wrong recipients. The problem, which appears to have started early this morning, is already being investigated by Google — but you may want to avoid using these services for the time being if you can.

Lots of Google Hangouts and Google Talk users have complained about the issue on Twitter, and it didn’t take long for Google to acknowledge it. “At this time Google Talk is not functioning correctly and we are continuing to work to restore full functionality,” the search giant says on its service status page.

But in the meantime, the bug is causing some serious privacy concerns — and rightly so. Users have found that messages they are sending are being delivered to the wrong recipients, and in some cases, the receiver isn’t even in their contacts list.

“My GTalk messages are being sent to multiple people when I’m only sending them to one. Arrgghh!” one user reports, while another warns, “Google Talk is currently sending messages to the wrong people… you might want to stop using it for a bit.”

As you might expect, the issue is an extremely worrying one for some, particularly those who use Google Hangouts and Google Talk in a professional capacity. Sensitive data could quite easily end up in the wrong hands until the problem is fixed.

Until Google confirms this problem is fixed, then, it’s best you try not to use these services. Who knows where your messages will end up once you’ve hit that send button.