Readability App Coming Soon To Android And iOS

Readability is a nice little app that turns virtually any web page into a clean, comfortable reading view, with syncing to allow for the reading of articles at a later date. While the web app has been available for some time now, the iOS app has been sitting in limbo for 4 month awaiting approval. In the meantime, Readability has managed to develop an Android app which is now almost ready for launch. As you can see from a tweet from a Readability developer, they’re simply waiting for Apple’s approval so they can go ahead and launch the apps:

They’re now hoping to launch the iOS and Android apps simultaneously and have been going back and fourth with Apple to see what the hold up is about. If we don’t see a resolve from Apple’s side soon, you may end up seeing the Android app released first with the iOS app following at a later date. Either way, the apps are finished and ready to be distributed, they’re just waiting on Apple to give the go-ahead.

So keep an eye out for the app to hit both the Android Market and App Store very soon.