Retailer Inventory Suggests Asus Will Make Google’s New Nexus 10


We’ve long heard whispers that claim Asus will be making Google’s next-generation Nexus 10, and according to this photograph of one retailer’s inventory, those whispers look increasingly accurate. The image was supposedly snapped inside a PC World store in the U.K., and it indicates the new Nexus 10 will be priced at £349 (approx. $563).

The image was obtained by @Rage06 on Twitter, the same person who sourced an image of the 32GB Nexus 7 in PC World’s inventory ahead of its release late last year. We’re fairly confident the image is genuine, then, but that doesn’t mean the details within it are.

It’s possible this listing is simply a placeholder while PC World awaits confirmation of the tablet’s specifics. But if it is correct, it suggests Google has parted ways with Samsung and teamed up with Asus — which already makes the Nexus 7 — to make the new Nexus 10.

It also suggests that the new Nexus 10 should be just around the corner. The current model will see its first birthday in November, and we were expecting a new one around the same time — but if retailers are already making preparations for it, it’s possible it could come sooner.