Samsung Launches New ‘High-Security’ Galaxy S III In Germany For €1,700


I just finished writing about how expensive the Galaxy Gear will be when it launches in the U.K. later this month, but Samsung’s new high-security Galaxy S III, which is now available in Germany, makes its Android-powered smartwatch look like something from a bargain bin.

The device will cost €1,700 ($2,243) with a two-year contract.

The new device uses SiMKo security technology to be super secure, and it’s only available to businesses and government agencies — not that regular consumers would want to pay that kind of money for a Galaxy S III anyway. SamMobile explains what’s so special about the device:

Basically, SiMKo contains something called the L4 microkernel, which has only around 10,000 lines of code and provides a limited and secure environment for running a few apps, similar to KNOX. When that secure environment isn’t needed, users can simply switch to the standard Android OS, with data between the two environments separated as necessary.

It sounds a little bit like BlackBerry’s new Secure Work Spaces feature, which came to Android and iOS earlier this year. That provides a secure environment in which users can run their business apps, and a separate environment for personal use. But based on the cost of Samsung’s new Galaxy S III, it seems SiMKo may be the more secure option.

If you can afford it. Samsung is charging €1,700 ($2,243) for each unit — and that’s with a two-year contract.