BlackBerry Launches Secure Work Space For Android & iOS


BlackBerry has today launched its Secure Work Space service for Android and iOS, allowing enterprises to manage their fleet of devices through the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 administration console — regardless of the platform they’re running.

The service promises a higher level of control and security on Android and iOS, and the ability to secure and separate managed applications and data from personal content.

Secure Work Space allows enterprise users with Android and iOS devices to securely access company data, such as calendars, email, and address books, using a secure connection that prevents snooping. The service also delivers a secure browser, and secure attachment viewing and editing thanks to Documents To Go.

The great thing about Secure Work Space is that it only locks down your enterprise apps and data, leaving your personal content free — so you don’t have to enter codes and connect to secure services just to watch a video on YouTube, or see who’s poking you on Facebook.

This is a big move for BlackBerry, which can now sell its software and services to large corporations even if they choose not to use BlackBerry devices. So the Canadian company’s new BlackBerry 10 devices — the Z10, Q10, and Q5 — can now work alongside Android and iOS smartphones in enterprise.