New HTC One Max Photos Confirm Fingerprint Scanner, New Camera Features


We’ve seen the HTC One Max, HTC’s upcoming phablet, a number of times in recent months, and the last leaked images suggested it may come equipped with a fingerprint scanner on its back. Now that’s been all but confirmed in the latest snaps, which clearly show where the sensor will be situated and other exciting features.

There was some question over the fingerprint sensor last time because the image wasn’t all that clear, and there was a possibility it had been altered. But these photos clearly show that the One Max — or at least one variant of it — will have a fingerprint sensor on its back.

I say one variant because it’s likely there will be several — as there is with the HTC One. This particular One Max appears to be built for China, and it has a removable back that provides access to a microSD card slot — just like the Chinese HTC One. It’s thought the American and European models will be sealed, however.


So the fingerprint sensor may be exclusive to the Chinese model, which would explain why we’ve seen this device out in the wild before without that feature. Having said that, we don’t see why a feature like this — which could be a big selling point for the One Max — wouldn’t be available in all markets.

Other features revealed by these photos are wireless charging contacts on the back of the device, and a new camera feature that allows you to record video with both the front- and rear-facing cameras at the same time. Of course, this is a feature that the Galaxy S4 already offers.


The One Max is expected to make its debut early next month around IFA 2013, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long now until it’s official. In the meantime, you can probably expect to see more leaked images like these.