Google Now Gets New Cards For Car Rentals, Concert Tickets, NCAA Football Scores & More

A concert ticket in Google Now.

A concert ticket in Google Now.

Google Now for Android is now even more useful thanks to a handful of new cards that have been added this week. You can now get car rental information, concert tickets, and NCAA football scores — and there’s even an awesome commute sharing card that’ll let you inform loved ones that you’re on your way home when you leave work.

There have also been some improvements to existing cards, including those for public transit and TV.

With the new car rentals card, Google Now will provide you with all the information you need on your car rental reservation, including directions to the rental center. When coupled with the existing boarding pass and hotel reservation cards, this makes Google Now “your ultimate travel companion,” Google says.

There’s also a new concert ticket card that will ensure your ticket is ready as soon as you arrive at the venue, an NCAA football card that’ll provide real-time scores for your favorite NCAA teams, and a commute sharing card that automatically lets friends and family know when you’re on your way home.

In addition to this, Google has made improvements to a number of existing cards. Public transit cards will now give you information on the last bus or train home if you regularly use public transport, and the updated TV card will tell you about news mentioned and music playing in the shows you’re watching.

Finally, you can now set reminders while you search for music artists, movie actors, filmmakers, and TV shows on Google. You’ll see a new “remind me” button next to search results, and it’ll set reminders for new albums, books releases, or upcoming TV shows and movies related to the people or shows you’ve searched for.

These updates are all part of the latest Google Search update that will begin rolling out to Android 4.1+ devices today via Google Play.