YouTube 5.0 For Android Brings New User Interface, Improved Navigation


Google rolled out a major new update to YouTube for Android this week, introducing a brand new user interface with improved navigation, and new features. The app now sports a “card-like” design that’s become a standard inside official Google apps, and you now have the ability to watch clips while you continue browsing for others.

You can use the navigation menu, which slides out from the left edge of the display, to access your uploads, history, playlists, and favorites, while all of the channels you subscribe to can be found further down the list — just like before.

The new design is immediately apparent as soon as you open the app; it’s much cleaner and clearer than before, and it looks much more modern. The app now uses the virtual “cards” like other Google apps, such as Google Now, Google Play, and Google+.

The biggest change in this update, however, is a new feature called picture-in-picture viewing, which lets you watch YouTube videos in the corner of your screen while you continue to browse the app. It works a lot like Samsung’s Pop-Up Play feature, but you can only use it inside the YouTube app — so if you hit the home button, your video will disappear.

YouTube 5.0 is rolling out now in phases via Google Play, so if you haven’t yet received it, you should do shortly.