Canadian Carrier TELUS To Launch Its LTE Network Tomorrow

Canadian Carrier TELUS may be late in the game compared to Rogers and Bell but it won’t matter to Canadian customers who just want those blazing fast LTE speeds. Starting tomorrow, TELUS will flip the LTE switch on for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton, Guelph, Belleville, Ottawa, Montreal, Qu├ębec City, Halifax and Yellowknife. Of course you’re going to need an LTE device to take advantage of the new network and that’s why TELUS will be launching the following new LTE devices:

  • LG Optimus LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (Available Feb. 14)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • Ovation MC679 4G LTE Mobile Internet Key

TELUS customers will be excited to know they could soon be experiencing peak download speeds of up to 75Mbps. TELUS has also stated that their rates and plans will remain the same — customers will not be charged extra for the pleasure of enjoying their new 4G LTE network. All and all some great news for TELUS customers. Enjoy those new speeds tomorrow.