HTC’s New Ad Starring Robert Downey Jr. Goes Live Early [Video]


Earlier this week, HTC announced its new “Change” ad campaign starring Robert Downey Jr., and the first of a series of ads was set to air on YouTube tomorrow, August 15. But the two-minute clip was leaked earlier today, and so it appears HTC has been forced to release the official version a day early.

You can watch it below.

Called “Here’s to Change,” the new ad explains how HTC can be “anything you want it to be,” such as a humungous tinfoil catamaran, or a hipster troll carwash, or a hot tea catapult. It’s pretty strange, but it’s also pretty funny, and hopefully it’ll remind people HTC is still out there and doing great things.

You’ll also be seeing the new ad on TV and in cinemas in the weeks ahead, and you can expect many more with Robert Downey Jr. HTC has reportedly spent around $1 billion on this marketing campaign, so you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about it for a while.