New Nexus 7 Suffering Multitouch Issues, Google Investigates

It simply slots back together.

The new Nexus 7 has quickly become the hottest Android-powered tablet available, combining high-end specifications with a very attractive price tag. But the super slate hasn’t been without its fair share of problems since it went on sale late last month. In addition to a pesky GPS issue, it appears the device’s 1080p display doesn’t like multitouch input.

The video below demonstrates the issue, which lots of Nexus 7 users are reporting, according to the XDA Developers forum. Many have also flocked to Google’s own product forums to document the problem. It appears it is most problematic when you place two fingers side-by-side while the display is in portrait mode.

While this issue may not affect simple tasks, it will certainly impact things like gaming, and multitouch gestures like pinch-to-zoom. The good news is, Google has told Engadget that “the Android team is aware of this issue and investigating.”

Not all Nexus 7 devices are affected, it seems, which suggests it could be an issue with certain displays from a certain manufacturer. That could make this very difficult to rectify. Let’s hope it’s just a software problem that can be fixed with a simple update.