Samsung Galaxy Note III To Come With Android 4.3, Massive Battery [Rumor]


The Galaxy Note III is one of the most anticipated phablets of 2013, but Samsung has done a great job of keeping the device a closely-guarded secret ahead of its unveiling. We have no idea what the device will look like, and all we know about its specifications is what we’ve gleaned from rumors and educated guesses.

But two new reports claim that the Galaxy Note III will come with the latest Android 4.3 operating system pre-installed, and a massive 3,450mAh battery — the largest battery Samsung has ever put inside a smartphone.

Since launched the Galaxy Note II last fall, Samsung has tried hard to ensure that all of its flagship smartphones launch with the latest version of Android pre-installed. So we had expected the Galaxy Note III to come with Android 4.3 straight out of the gate.

And now a DLNA certificate (below) spotted by SamMobile seemingly confirms that.


In addition to this, PhoneArena reports that the Galaxy Note III will offer a large 3,450mAh battery, according to “a person who says that he has just seen the engineering sample of the phablet first hand.”

That would be the largest battery Samsung has put into a phone, beating the 3,200mAh battery in the Galaxy Mega 6.3. The Galaxy Note II has a 3,100mAh battery, and despite its large display, battery life is very good. So if this rumor is correct, we expect the same from the Galaxy Note III as well.

It’s worth noting, however, that an “engineering sample” is likely to be slightly different to the final model. So even though it may have a 3,450mAh battery now, that could be one of a number of batteries that Samsung is testing for the new device.

However, we are confident the Korean company will improve upon the Galaxy Note II’s battery for its successor, so a 3,450mAh model certainly sounds plausible.