YouTube Founders Launch Instagram & Vine Rival Called MixBit


YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have today unveiled MixBit, the new video sharing service that they’ve been teasing us with for several months. It hopes to rival Instagram and Vine with a focus on mixing and editing video. Users can record 16-second clips at a time, and then stitch up to 256 of them together to create an hourlong video.

MixBit launches today on iOS and the web, and there will also be an Android app available within the next few weeks. The app feels very similar to that of its competitors in that you tap and hold a record button to shoot video, or import it from your camera roll, but it has lots of nifty editing features that Instagram and Vine do not have.

For example, once you’ve recorded a series of 16-second clips, you can then edit them and stitch them all together in any order you choose. You can also mix photos in with them. Up to 256 clips can be merged into one, resulting in a short home movie that lasts over an hour.

Once you have a video you’re happy with, you can share it with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or the MixBit website. You can also choose whether your videos are public or private, so if you have a clip you only want to share with certain people, that’s not a problem.

What’s really interesting about MixBit is that even after your video has been finalized and uploaded, it still consists of a whole bunch of separate video clips and photos. So you can go back into it at any time and make further edits. You can even edit your videos in your web browser on the MixBit website.

Rather than being a basic video sharing service like Instagram and Vine, MixBit hopes to become the service you’ll turn to when you want to tell a real story.

To start creating your own, download the MixBit app for iOS from the App Store now.