Path For Android Updated To Support 720p Displays And More

If you’re a user of the social app Path, you’ll be happy to know it received a nice update this past Friday, adding support for 720p displays such as the Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound, and others. The app worked fine on these device before the update, but the on-screen buttons were quite small and hard to use. The update also fixes some bugs and adds additional features such as:

    New features:

  • Full settings screen
  • Moon phases when sleeping
  • Share to Tumblr
  • Support for 320×480 screens
  • Fixes and changes

  • Better friend invite screens
  • Cosmetic enhancements
  • Improved scrolling performance on feed screen
  • Tapping menu soft key now directly displays full menu

The bloggers out there will appreciate the share to Tumblr support while lunar lovers will go moo-moo over the moon phases. Anyone looking to grab the update or learn more about Path can follow the Android Market link below.

Android Market Link | Path