The New Moto X Will Not Come To The U.K.


Google finally unveiled the much-anticipated Moto X on Thursday, and although it may not have groundbreaking specifications, it does have some nifty features, and there are lots of customizations you can make — such as choosing your own colors and engraving — when you order one.

But unfortunately for those in the U.K., the Moto X will not be crossing the Atlantic.

A Motorola spokesperson has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the Moto X won’t be coming to the U.K. They did insist, however, that it is the first of many new devices to come from Motorola, and that Europe will see other “cool” and “exciting” products.

“It doesn’t mean that Europe is not a key priority for Motorola,” the spokesperson said. “Essentially, the Moto X is the first device in a new product portfolio, basically a new family of devices.”

“Because it is the first one, the Moto X has had a real buzz around it, but the U.S. launch is not about the U.S. being Motorola’s priority at all, there are devices coming to Europe. We can’t share what they are as of yet, but they are from the same family. They are cool and they are exciting and there is a lot in Europe coming up.”

Despite the promise of other devices, it’s still pretty disappointing news. The Moto X is a good-looking smartphone, and its customization options are currently unmatched by other smartphones. Furthermore, it’s been a while since the U.K. last saw a Motorola smartphone; the company’s last major British launch was for the Intel Atom-powered RAZR i last September.

It’s unclear when Motorola’s other devices might appear, so for now, we’ll just have to wait patiently. In the meantime, there’s always eBay.