Apple Asks Google To Pull Android’s iOS 7 Control Center Port


Remember that cool iOS 7 Control Center port for Android that hit Google Play earlier this month? Well, Apple obviously didn’t like it, and it has contacted Google to have it pulled. Fortunately for us, developer Hi Tools Studio has already released an updated version to Google Play, so go grab it before it disappears again.

Here’s part of the complaint that Apple submitted to Google:

The application “Control Center”, which is available at, copies, without authorization, the “Control Center” feature of Apple’s iOS 7. Apple owns the copyright in its iOS software and each of the features thereof. The aforementioned application infringes Apple Inc.’s (“Apple”) copyright rights in the iOS 7 software.

As a result of this complaint, Google pulled the original Control Center app from Google Play, but Hi Tools Studio has already rereleased an updated version with lots of new features.

It’s unclear how long this one will stick around, though — it’s likely Google will pull it again once it realizes it has returned — so you may want to download Control Center now before it’s too late.