Google Rumored To Unveil New Nexus 7 Next Week, Device Revealed In Pics And Video


The next-gen Nexus 7 has been rumored to ship either this month or the next, and earlier today leaked pricing info revealed that the tablet would start at $299 for 16GB.

It looks like the new Nexus 7 could hit shelves as early as next week, according to leaked OfficeMax documents. New details about the device have reportedly leaked out as well, including a series of hands-on pictures and accompanying video.

Engadget got its hands on internal sales documents from OfficeMax that point to an upcoming Nexus release. “The docs indicate that stores will receive the tablet as early as the 20th,” and Google has an Android event conveniently planned for the 24th next week.

The more interesting info comes from Android Central, who has gotten its hands on the device itself. “we have no idea if what we see here is a finished product, or prototype,” cautions the site, but the pics certainly look legitimate.


Google’s upcoming Nexus tablet is still made by Asus and sports a 7-inch camera with dual and rear-facing cameras, according to Android Central.

We’re also possibly looking at a ridiculously whopping 4 gigabytes of DDR3L RAM. (Though we’re not 100 percent sure on that, 2GB wouldn’t surprise us at all, and, again, written specs on stuff like this get messed up all the time.) We’re also expecting the aforementioned (and not at all surprising) 16- and 32-gigabyte storage options.