Upcoming Motorola DROID Ultra Pictured In Red, Rumored August 8 Launch Date


Motorola has always made phones with bold colors and design aesthetics, and the Google-owned company’s upcoming DROID lineup is no exception. Evleaks has shared a leaked rendering of the new DROID Ultra in dark red. “Ultra’s full Kevlar backplate shows off the new shade, and apparently the white edition even has a totally blank face to boot.”

This year’s collection of DROID phones will include the Ultra, MAXX, and Mini. It’s already been reported that Verizon is planning a media event for July 23rd to unveil the lineup. Google will likely talk about the phones as well at its Android event on the 24th.

Motorola’s DROID brand is sperate from the Moto X, the hero Android smartphone that will be on all major carriers and sport futuristic sensor tech. The Moto X is rumored to launch on August 23rd in the states, and Motorola has already started pumping out print ads.