Samsung To Launch Android-Powered Flip Phone Called The Galaxy Folder [Rumor]


Flip phones like the incredibly successful Motorola RAZR were once some of the hottest handsets you could own, but that all changed when the iPhone kicked off the touchscreen smartphone craze back into 2007. A new report claims Samsung is looking to combine the two for an Android-powered flip phone called the Galaxy Folder.

Korean news site DDaily reports that an unnamed Samsung official has confirmed the Galaxy Folder, which will reportedly launch in August. It will have a clamshell form factor and it will be powered by Android, with 4G LTE connectivity. Other specifications include an 800×480 display, and a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor.

Japanese website Blog of Mobile even has a model number for the device: SHV-E400S/K.

If those specifications are accurate, then the Galaxy Folder looks to be a midrange device that will attempt to carve out another niche in the mobile market — like the original Galaxy Note did back in October 2011.

It’s not entirely clear how the clamshell form factor will work for this device. Samsung will either have to add two touch-based displays that will fold together, or it could combine one with a physical keyboard. Whatever the case may be, the Galaxy Folder sounds like it’ll be an interesting handset.

Hopefully, we’ll know more about it next month.