T-Mobile To Cap Domestic Roaming Data Allotment Starting April 5th

Starting April 5th, T-Mobile will begin capping the Domestic Roaming Data Allotment. Unlike their data throttling, once a user goes over their designated allotment,they will simply be cut off from data altogether, until they return to the T-Mobile network or connect via WiFi. While this change is unlikely to affect the majority of us (when’s the last time you used data while roaming?), T-Mobile will send out warnings via text message when your domestic roaming data allotment has reached both 80% and 100%.

These changes only affect domestic roaming as international roaming seems to be exempt for now. Other exemptions include:

  • Business/Government accounts
  • Small Business Accounts
  • T-Mobile employee accounts
  • Mobile broadband rate plans
  • Voice domestic roaming
  • Text and picture messaging while roaming domestically

If you have yet to receive notification of these changes, keep an eye out as they are sending them via bill insert, email and SMS. And for anyone wondering: these changes may be enough for you to break your contract without an ETF (Early Termination Fee) so it’s worth contacting T-Mobile if you’ve been looking for a way out.