The SlingPlayer App Will Be Available For The Kindle Fire Tomorrow, Still Costs $30

SlingPlayer is probably the single most expensive app I’ve ever purchased, but it’s also the best app I’ve ever purchased. It’s been available in the Android Market for quite some time, but unfortunately for those who own an Amazon Kindle Fire, they don’t have access to the Android Market and thus have not had access to the SlingPlayer app. That all changes tomorrow, when SlingPlayer will become available for the Kindle Fire via the Amazon App Store. The app is still the same $30 it was when I purchased it and still requires a Slingbox, but is completely worth it if you wish to have your TV with you everywhere you go.

The SlingPlayer app allows you to control and watch your TV and DVR from anywhere and is the only solution I’ve ever found for ensuring I never miss a show. You can watch anything that’s on your TV right on your Android device and even use it as a remote control to change channels and control your DVR. You have full access to your cable providers live or recorded programs as well as a multitude of other video sources (as long as you have a Slingbox hooked up).

I’ve used this app while camping, in the car, in the house, and it’s been a life saver with the kids. It should pair nicely with the Kindle Fire’s 7″ display and although I’ve never used the app on a tablet, I’m guessing it will be just as good, if not better, than using it on my phone. So keep an eye out as it is supposed to be available tomorrow. Until then, here’s a video of the SlingPlayer for Android tablets to get you excited.