Could We See Verizon’s Shared Family Data Plans Soon?

One of my biggest complaints regarding data plans on Verizon (and most other carriers) has always been the fact that I need to purchase a separate data plan for each member of my family. I’m pretty confident it’s just part of the initial phase period where companies try to milk as much as possible from their customers before eventually releasing a sensible solution. Thankfully, Verizon has hinted in the past that it would be bringing shared family data plans, and according to employee training materials obtained by Engadget, that day may not be far off.

I’ve long been a believer that you should be able to pay a flat rate for a specific amount of data and be allowed to share that allotment over a variety of devices (especially since almost every single device now requires a data package). My current Verizon bill tops $200 thanks to the current system and I’m sure Verizon is loving it, but I think shared data plans is long overdue and a much welcomed change.

It’s still not entirely known how these plans will be priced out, but it appears there will be a $9.99 charge per line for said shared feature. Hopefully they’ll get the ball moving on these plans because my wallet can sure use the break.