Sony SmartWatch 2 Won’t Come To The U.K. On July 15 After All


The Sony SmartWatch 2, which was announced at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai last month, was expected to go on sale in the United Kingdom on July 15 following an announcement from online retailer

But it appears the announcement may have been incorrect. Clove has just issued an update to say that the SmartWatch 2 won’t be available until September instead.

“The release date of the Sony SmartWatch 2 has been put back to September and will not be launching week commencing 15th July as previously stated,” Clove wrote on its website today.

“The revised arrival date is week commencing 9th September. At all times we provide the most accurate information we can based on data we are supplied. It has transpired that the date of the 15th July given by Sony’s distribution arm was incorrect.”

The SmartWatch 2 offers a number of improvements over its predecessor, including a larger touchscreen and NFC connectivity. It could go up against other smartwatches from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG over the coming months, and Sony will be hoping that it has what it takes to compete.

Launching with a delay may suggest the SmartWatch 2 is off to a bad start already, but let’s not forgot that Sony never confirmed the July release date. There’s every possibility the device has always been scheduled for September, and that “Sony’s distribution arm” simply got the wrong end of the stick.