Sony Xperia Z Gets An Unofficial Android 4.3 ‘Google Edition’ ROM


With Samsung and HTC launching “Google Edition” variants of their latest flagships, many expected Sony to do the same. But the Japanese company is keeping very quiet about any such plans. Thankfully, Xperia Z owners can now take matters into their own hands, thanks to an unofficial Android 4.3 Google Edition ROM.

This isn’t just a stock Android ROM that’s free from Sony’s user interface tweaks; it’s also built on the latest Android 4.3 build that hasn’t even been announced by Google yet. The ROM was developed by XDA Developers member Taylor_Swift (no, not that Taylor Swift) using leaked Android 4.3 system dumps.

With that being the case, the ROM is very much an unstable beta release, and not suitable for use on your primary smartphone. Phandroid notes, however, that most of the issues in the ROM “can be fixed by flashing a simple zip file (root), or by removing and reinstalling an app or two.”

If you’re happy to play around with it, then, you may be able to solve some of its issues yourself. We still wouldn’t advise you to install this ROM on your daily driver, though, because it could break apps and other features that are important to you.

If you want to check it out, you can download the ROM from the source link below.