Sprint Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon, Sign-Up Page Goes Live On Google’s Nexus Site

It’s been about 3 weeks since Sprint announced that the Galaxy Nexus would debut as the first LTE device to take advantage of Sprint’s new LTE network. While we haven’t heard much about it since then, today gives us a hint that we may be getting very close to launch time. If you head on over to Google’s official Galaxy Nexus page, you’ll now be able to register for more information about the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint.

Having the sign-up page go live is a good sign and I’m betting Sprint customers are getting pretty excited right about now. The Galaxy Nexus on Sprint should be one heck of a device. Not only does Sprint have the only truly unlimited data left but I’m betting they’ll deliver the Galaxy Nexus as it was intended: free of carrier BS and equipped with Google Wallet! There are a few other rumors going around about the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. One says it will have a faster CPU, and the other says it will come with a larger battery than seen in the Verizon version. I wouldn’t put to much stock in the rumors, but if they end up being true, all the better!

If you follow Android blogs such as Cult of Android, you’ll probably learn of the Galaxy Nexus launch on Sprint way before any registration email, but if you still wish to sign-up, you can do so by following the link below. It won’t be long now before Sprint customers get their taste of that Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.