Developer Tweaks App To Give One User A Romantic Wedding Proposal

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Duolingo is the developer behind a smartphone app for Android and iOS that helps users learn new languages for free. It has a great deal of appreciation for its users, so much so that it went out of its way to help one of them create a unique wedding proposal that they’ll never forget.

It started with an email from Flavio Esposito, an Italian who was looking to ask his American girlfriend Kate to be his wife. Flavio knew that Kate was a big Duolingo user, because she was using the app to learn his language, so he contacted its developers for some help.

“I am Italian and my American girlfriend Kate is in love with Duolingo,” the email read. “She’s learning my own language and she enjoys it so much that I’m wondering if I could ask you to set up an exercise for her that would lead to the big question.”


Just in case.

A lot of software developers would simply ignore an email like this, but Duolingo isn’t one of them. The team set about creating a special “love lesson” for Kate that would greet her the next time she opened up Duolingo on her smartphone.

It began with a couple of tasks: Kate had to translate “he loves you” and “he adores you” from Italian to English. She then had to complete a missing word puzzle. Then came the big question… “Will you marry Flavio Esposito?”

Duolingo gave her the option to select “yes” or “no,” and they even created a cute little Duolingo mascot crying just in case she went with the second option.

Fortunately for Flavio, she chose yes.