White Nexus 4 Sells Out On Google Play, ‘No Longer Available For Sale’


The white, 16GB LG Nexus 4, which was introduced just over one month ago, is now sold out on Google Play and “no longer available for sale.” If you didn’t already get your hands on one, then you may have missed your chance, because the limited edition device will not be reappearing.

LG and Google said from the beginning that the white Nexus 4 was a limited edition device, and as a result, the two companies will not be producing more units. While you may be able to obtain one from alternative channels, then — such as T-Mobile — you won’t find one on Google Play again.

It’s unclear how many white Nexus 4s were produced, but it’s taken a little over a month for Google to sell them all. The 8GB model sold out first, becoming unavailable on July 1, and it’s the same story for its bigger brother just a few days later.