SHADOWGUN: The Leftover Now Available In The Android Market

Android SHADOWGUN fans have been waiting for the once exclusive add-on pack “The Leftover” to hit the Market and today’s that day! The Leftover is a direct update and follows the events of the original SHADOWGUN. The update is free and features:

  • 4 new levels
  • New enemy creature
  • New gun
  • New type of gaming interaction
  • New collectibles
  • New soundtrack
  • Lot of new graphics, animations and cutscenes

Of course you will have to already own the game to get the update (nothing $4.99 won’t fix). IGN deemed SHADOWGUN “One of the best-looking mobile games ever created,” and is definitely worth the purchase. If you’re interested in grabbing SHADOWGUN and The Leftover update, hit the Android Market link below.

Android Market Link | SHADOWGUN