Valve’s Official Steam App Now Available For Android And iOS

It looks like Valve threw a few extra coals into their engine after hearing about the 3rd party Steam app that was released earlier this month. They were not going to let any other app take their steam and so they have now released the official Steam app onto both Android and iOS. I’d like to say users are ecstatic, but there seems to be a catch.

After further investigation, we have found that the official Steam app is available to download in both the Android Market and App Store, but unless you are registered to be part of the Steam Mobile beta group, you won’t be able to use it. I’m not sure how you join the mobile beta group but perhaps Steam’s Mobile website has a bit more info on the subject.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a full-fledged Steam client, but you will be able to access the store to purchase games, as well as stay in touch with your Steam friends through community chat. You’ll also be able to browse user profiles and read up on the latest gaming news and Steam sales.

It would be a great start, if only everyone could us it. Perhaps this beta access will go public very soon, as the Steam website seems to make no mention of this beta program required to access the app.

I guess we should be happy that Valve has finally released an official Steam app, now we just have to get them to allow everyone to use it.

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