A Slew Of Google Apps Get Updated

Google seemed to be on an update kick today as they updated a number of their apps. These apps included: Google Maps, Google Listen, Google Goggles, and the Youtube Remote. I’m sure you guys use the majority of those so I’ll outline what’s new in each app for you after the break.

    Google Maps

  • Google Maps Navigation (Beta) will enter ‘night mode’ when going through tunnels
  • Android Market Link | Google Maps

    Google Listen

  • Fixes an issue in which Listen while in the background would improperly take audio focus from other apps.
  • Android Market Link | Google Listen

    Google Goggles

  • Don’t store inaccurate locations for queries in search history.
  • Show the description field for user-submitted results.
  • Don’t crash when loading large bitmaps.
  • Performance improvements in continuous mode.
  • Android Market Link | Google Goggles

    YouTube Remote

  • Shuffle queue
  • Bug fixes
  • Android Market Link | YouTube Remote

They all seem like pretty minor updates with the exception of Google Goggles. If you’re not on the latest version, simply follow the Android Market links provided within each app update description. Cheers!