NVIDIA Shield Gets $50 Reduction Ahead Of June 27 Launch


NVIDIA has slashed $50 of its Android-powered Shield console ahead of its June 27 release. It was originally priced at $349, but early testers told NVIDIA that it would have a “home run” if the device was priced at $299 instead, according to a post on the company’s blog.

Reaction from those who have played with Shield has been “more than just positive,” NVIDIA says, with plenty of praise for its controls and “slick” performance. The only thing gamers weren’t praising was its price tag. At $349, the Shield was $50 more than the PlayStation 3, and only $50 less than the PlayStation 4.

Its price tag is slightly more bearable at $299.

Those who have already pre-ordered the Shield we automatically be charged the new, lower price when their device ships. And those who haven’t pre-ordered yet can do so on the Shield website.