ASUS Transformer Prime Getting Bootloader Unlock Tool In February

When the first quad-core tablet hit the market, Android fans were ecstatic. That excitement quickly turned into disapointment for some, when it was discovered that ASUS had locked the Prime’s bootloader. After an outcry from modders, developers and general consumers, ASUS soon realized the importance of having an unlock option for those that seek the freedom to customize their devices as they see fit, regardless of the risks. ASUS soon announced that they would be working on an unlock tool for the Prime, and today, they have announced that the “root tool” will be available in February.

ASUS released the good news over Twitter and once again gave consumers a reason to be happy with the companies commitment to customer satisfaction. They’ve been doing all the right things in the Android department and they have me sold once they release their $249 quad-core Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. Keep up the good work ASUS.