T-Mobile Confirms It Will Carry The Sony Xperia Z This Summer


T-Mobile USA has confirmed that it will carry the Sony Xperia Z this summer, finally putting an end to all the rumors that have been circulating since the device was spotted back in April. The carrier will become the only provider in the U.S. to offer Sony’s waterproof smartphone, which has been available in Japan and Europe since January.

“T-Mobile customers traveling this summer will love the Xperia Z with its big, beautiful HD screen, water-resistant design and advanced camera features,” said Jason Young, T-Mobile’s vice president of product marketing, in a press release this morning.

“This is an outstanding combination: a premium 4G LTE smartphone with Sony’s best features coupled with T-Mobile’s unlimited data and speedy nationwide network.”

You’ll be able to purchase the device on T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan, which offers unlimited calls and texts and up to 500MB of data for $50 per month. Pricing for the handset itself is yet to be confirmed, but you can expect that to be around $20 per month after a $99 upfront fee.

If you’re interested in the Xperia Z on T-Mobile, click the source link below to register your interest and T-Mobile will notify you as soon as its available. And be sure to check out our review before you make your purchase.