Samsung To Unveil Mirrorless Galaxy Camera 2 Next Week [Rumor]


Samsung has a press event scheduled for June 20, but it has announced so many new smartphones recently that we’re wondering what’s left to unveil. According to one source, one of the products on its list will be a second-generation Galaxy Camera, which is said to be everything its predecessor “should’ve been.”

Having just this morning announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom, some had suspected that the Galaxy Camera line may have been dead, and that it would just become a variant of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. But it appears that’s not the case.

Lars, a blogger for German site All About Samsung, told Android Beat’s Stefan Constantinescu on Twitter that the Galaxy Camera 2 will be unveiled on June 20, adding: “it’s like the first Galaxy Camera should’ve been – but pretty pricey.”

According to Constantinescu, Lars is a trusted source of Samsung news, but he’s not the only one reporting this news. DDaily, a Korean news outlet, is reporting the same thing, and they say that the Galaxy Camera 2 will be a high-end mirrorless camera, with huge improvements over its predecessor.

So Samsung’s June 20 event may not be the disappointment it was turning out to be. In addition to the Galaxy Camera 2, the Korean electronics giant is also expected to unveil some new Windows 8 ATIV devices.