Samsung Already Planning “iPad Maxi” Competitor [Rumor]


Samsung is said to be planning a 12.2-inch variant of its Galaxy Note tablet for the third quarter of 2013 in an effort to compete with the rumored “iPad maxi.” The Korean electronics giant reportedly wants to be first to produce a larger slate.

Samsung already produces smartphones and tablets in a whole host of different sizes — and it’s famous for making them bigger than everyone else’s — so the prospect of a Galaxy Note 12.2 sounds perfectly plausible. But we’re hugely skeptical that the company is preparing for the “iPad maxi.”

Coincidentally, the rumor comes from Korea’s ETNews, which was also first to start the iPad maxi speculation back in May. I noted at the time, however, that the idea is pretty crazy, and that Apple is almost certainly not going to go down that route.

The Cupertino company has seen huge success with the smaller iPad mini, and the device has been stealing sales from the 9.7-inch iPad. With that being the case, why would it launch an even bigger tablet? ETNews claims the device will be aimed at those looking to switch from ultrabooks, but there can’t be that many people out there looking to ditch their notebook for a large tablet.

While Samsung may be working on a 12.2-inch tablet, then, it’s not in preparation for an iPad maxi.

ETNews believes the Galaxy Note 12.2 will feature an S Pen stylus like other Galaxy Note devices, as well as the upcoming Android 4.3 operating system.

There’s no word on when the Galaxy Note 12.2 might be available to purchase, or how much it’ll cost. But ETNews believes that Samsung will announce it around August or September.