BBM Still Not On Android & iOS Yet, So Don’t Be Fooled By The Fakes


BlackBerry announced last month that it will finally be bringing BlackBerry Messenger to Android and iOS this summer, and the news was welcomed by both existing BlackBerry users and those who have since switched to competing platforms.

Now it seems hackers are taking advantage of the excitement surrounding the app and releasing fake BBM betas for Android and iOS that could be harmful to your device.

The scam was spotted by CrackBerry, which reports that a “cleverly disguised website” — designed to look like an official BlackBerry page — is offering APK and IPA files for Android and iOS that claim to be pre-release BBM builds.

“But we assure you, it’s not legit,” CrackBerry’s Bla1ze writes.

CrackBerry chose not to link to the website for obvious reasons, and we recommend that you don’t try to find BBM betas yourself. Remember, BlackBerry hasn’t released one yet, so anything floating around right now is unofficial — and possible dangerous.

Instead, if you’re interested in BBM for Android and iOS, sign up for updates on the official BlackBerry website. As soon as BBM is ready to download, you’ll get an email to let you know. We’ll also bring you any news we have on the app’s progress as we get it.