Vine Comes To Android With New Zoom Feature


Vine, the six-second video sharing service from Twitter, is finally available on Android, more than four months after it made its debut on iOS. The app is ready to download now from Google Play, and it gives users the ability to share their clips with the 13 million people already using the service.

The app also has a new feature that’s unique to Android.

Not only does Vine for Android let you share videos, but it also lets you explore those uploaded by other Vine users. Tap the Explore tab to see what’s trending and see other popular posts, or use the Find Friends feature to find and invite people you know.


Videos uploaded to Vine can also be shared to Twitter and then viewed in a web browser, so that they can be viewed by others who aren’t yet signed up.

Vine for Android also has a new feature, zoom, which isn’t available on iOS yet. The app doesn’t have everything its iOS counterpart does, however, as Twitter explains on its blog.

Though we’ve been very focused on releasing Vine for Android, we’ve continued to release updates and add new features to the iOS app. As a result, the two apps are not perfectly in sync, but that won’t be the case for long.

In the coming weeks, expect to see front-facing camera support, search, mentions, hashtags, and the ability to share your videos on Facebook added to the Android apps.

You can download Vine for Android from Google Play now. You’ll need a device running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above.