Measure Your Daily Activity With The Nike+ FuelBand And Fuel Up Your Life With Nike+ Fuel

You see that alien looking band permeating through the aurora borealis? No, that’s not a UFO looking for fuel, it’s actually Nike’s latest fitness accessories made for today’s connected world. Nike wants to remind us that “Life is a sport, make it count,” and that’s exactly what the Nike+ FuelBand does — count. It counts your calories burned, steps taken, time, as well as a variety of other activity.

Using what Nike is calling “NikeFuel,” the Nike+ FuelBand measures your daily activity; whether it’s running, playing basketball, or breakdancing (my kind of sport), the Nike+ FuelBand shows you how much fuel you’ve accumulated and displays it on a compact array of LED lights. You can set goals, track progress, unlock achievements or simply use it as a watch. Pair the Nike+ FuelBand with your computer or mobile device (using the mobile app) to keep track of your daily progress, make notes, and share your achievements over Facebook and Twitter.

The band itself is lightweight, water resistant, and has a built-in 3 axis accelerometer to accurately measure your motion. It connects to your computer using either the built-in USB 2.0 or the included USB cable and stand. The Nike+ FuelBand uses Bluetooth to pair with the Nike+ FuelBand app, which will be available for iOS 4 & 5, as well as Android.

Okay, so it’s a pretty cool fitness accessory — and it’s made by Nike — but what’s it going to cost? Well, if you compare it to the cost of real fuel — it’ll cost you about 42 gallons, or $149.99. I’m not a huge fitness guru, so I’m not sure how that price fares in the digital fitness accessory world, but it seems a little high for my cholesterol filled blood. What do you guys think: the kind of price to make you “Just do it,” or another overpriced accessory destined to “Swoosh” on by?

Those interested can pre-order the Nike+ FuelBand today, but it won’t hit shelves until February 22. For more information on the Nike+ FuelBand, check out the videos below and then hit up the source links.

via Droid-Life