Google Announces Q4 Earnings: Over 250 Million Android Devices Activated, Over 11 Billion App Downloads

Google released their Q4 earnings today, and while the money side of things is good, with $2.71 billion in profit on $8.13 billion in revenue, I’m sure you’re more concerned about Android than you are money — right? Even if you’re not, I’m going to share with you some Android numbers being thrown around to give you a better idea of how well Android is doing, and how well it continues to grow.

Android activations continue at a rate of around 700,000 per day, with an overall staggering number of over 250 million total Android devices activated. That’s a lot of Android activations, and you may remember around 3.7 million of them came over the Christmas weekend alone. Of course with all these device activations comes app downloads, leading Google to inform us that over 11 billion app dowloads have taken place — that’s up 1 billion in just over a month!

To sum things up: Android continues to grow at an insurmountable rate, and with it will come plenty of app downloads and plenty of avenues for economic growth, as well as some good old fashioned fun. Look forward to many new projects, as well as, a full commitment to current projects from Google. That is all.

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