Over 3.7 Million Android Devices Activated Over Christmas Weekend

We’ve already heard about the record breaking Android and iOS device activations on Christmas day, but how many of those were Android devices? According to a few social media posts made by Andy Rubin, that number is — 3.7 million! Assuming that number is correct (and I’m sure it is), that would mean that of the total 6.8 million devices activated on Christmas day, 3.7 million of them were Android devices. That leaves us with 3.1 million iOS devices also activated on Christmas day, leaving Android and iOS considerably close, in terms of holiday activations. These are certainly numbers that both companies should be proud of.

The mobile revolution is larger than ever and it’s an opportune time to get in on the fun. If you were left out of these staggering holiday statistics, don’t fret, you still have plenty of time (and Christmas cash) to grab the shiny mobile weapon of your choice. Viva la revolution!