Following App Store Ban, AppGratis Turns To Android For Survival


After being pulled from the App Store back in April for violating Apple’s latest guidelines, AppGratis has turned to Android to keep its app recommendation service alive. The company has this week launched a new app in Google Play that promises a free app every day, plus discounts of up to 90% on paid Android titles.

The new AppGratis app has been “designed from the ground up just for Android,” but the service itself is very much the same as that which operated on iOS before its ban.

In addition to offering a free app every day and big discounts, AppGratis also provides “freemium giveaways,” including free in-app purchases, level and content unlocks, and more. It’ll send you one notification every day to let you know then the latest download is available.

Every app that AppGratis recommends has been “hand-picked and tested thoroughly (by a real human being),” so theoretically, every one you install should work well. Tomorrow’s deal will be the popular game EDGE Extended from Parisian Studio, which will be free for the very first time on Android.

Despite its removal from the App Store, AppGratis still boasts more than 10 million users on iOS. It’s unclear whether the company was already planning an Android app, but you can be sure that its iOS ban sped up its development.

AppGratis is just one of many app recommendation services that are being turned away by Apple. The Cupertino company’s latest App Store guidelines, which were introduced in October, ban iOS apps that promote other iOS apps from other developers.

Fortunately for AppGratis, this isn’t a problem on Android.