Japanese Carrier Launches HTC J One With MicroSD Card Slot, Extra Camera Features


Japanese carrier KDDI has today unveiled the HTC J One, a new HTC One variant that packs a number of features the original doesn’t have. In addition to a microSD card slot that allows users to add an additional 64GB of storage, the J One also offers additional camera features.

The HTC One has received heaps of praise since it launched back in February. It’s one of the fastest Android-powered smartphones on the market with a quad-core processor and a stunning 1080p display, while its aluminum form factor also makes it one of the prettiest.

But one of the few complaints the handset has received is for its lack of a microSD card slot. It’s available with either 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, but it’s impossible for users to expand on that. Unless you live in Japan.

Japan’s J One does have a microSD card slot, which supports up to 64GB of extra storage. So if you go for the 64GB model and add another 64GB of your own, that’s a whopping 128GB of storage for all your music, movies, and documents.

The J One also has some added camera features, including a best shot feature like BlackBerry 10’s Time Shift mode, and ability to delete background objects, and slow motion video highlights. Check them out in the promotional video below.

It’s possible that existing HTC One users will get the added camera features in a future software update — we sure hope so. But the microSD card slot is something we won’t see, unless HTC launches the J One, or another One variant with a microSD card slot, globally.